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Gabby is my name, I'm a 21 year old girl just trying to find out more about herself... Welcome to my head.


star + won’t stop ‘till we surrender + Hi + A + iced gem + padlock + PINGU +shamrock + gemma (in hebrew) + Green Bay Packers logo + 99 p + heart + thing i can + thing i can’t + home made + masks + SMCL + aquarius sign + hanger + birdcage + 17 BLACK + Two Swallows + tatto on ankle + more mystery tattoos. (harry has about 30 tattos)


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I can’t keep doing this. IDK what to do with myself omfg. fuuuuuck man 

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Liam is so tall, and Louis called me babe. uh fuck just fuck




omg wat

where the hell do we find these?

how did he have friends?

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wow, did his new tattoo really just say “MUM” like are you fucking kidding me. HARRY! JUST HARRY WHAT THE FUCK! If you’re going to get a tattoo about your mom get something clever and meaningful and pretty, what the fuck is mum. wow

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a fan’s experience meeting louis at V festival today, cutest thing in the world :)



So, i went to V festival today with my friends and i was quite excited because i got to see frank turner (who was just insane ok omg) but the first people we went to see were DJ Fresh and in that performance i got my iPhone 4S which cost £400+ stolen off me and i was literally sobbing for hours and im now left without a phone, so before i start talking about meeting lou i want to ask you personally if you have an old iPhone or blackberry that you don’t want anymore, because i can’t afford a new phone and i’m left paying £36 a month without a phone, so please i beg message me if i could have your old phone, ill give you anything, just please it scarred me so much knowing someone has my phone right now.

Okay, hopefully you’ll message me, but now onto meeting louis. After the traumatic experience of losing my phone, and seeing awesome other acts, me and my friend Gabi decided to go to see the killers. We originally sat quite far away then moved forward, then again. During the concert, my friend whispered to me, is that the boy from one direction? And i turned around to see a curly haired boy in a hat which i thought she thought was harry and i told her it wasn’t, she then said ‘No, the one with the flat hair!’ In which i replied ‘Louis?’ Then looked over again, and to my surprise i saw louis and eleanor like two meters beside me and i was just like omg wut omg.

Then we obviously shuffled along so we were right behind them and i was standing next to preston. I whispered to preston whether i could have a photo once the concert finished and he said no sorry and that made me sad but considering my phone got stolen it was probably a good thing! Ok firstly i’ll tell you about my conversation with preston (who is now my fav ok hes lovely and was offered vodka jelly by a random woman that made me laugh so much) 

We both got loads of water chucked over us and i was like ‘uh’ and he turned around to me and said ‘this is redicious’ and i said ‘well i got pee chucked over me earlier and my phone got stolen’ and he made this really cute sad face and continued standing behind lou and el and kept looking at me, until i think i gained his trust and realised i wasnt gonna attack louis, so basically turned more to face me, and didn’t really protect louis as much, if that makes sense. 

In front of me were Stan (i think, he was talking to louis a lot but wasn’t a member of one direction so i presumed it was stan idk and he was with his girlfriend (he kept snogging her omg so annoying ok) and then louis and eleanor were there too. 

First off, ill talk about eleanor. As many of you know, im not the greatest fan of eleanor, but when i saw her she was literally perfect, i mean her hair was messy and her nose isn’t perfect in shape but those imperfections make her so perfect omg i just couldn’t believe it, and she was so cute, messing around with stan high fiving him and doing cute things with louis that i will explain next.

Then louis. What the actual fuck he was just like perfection, his hair wasn’t flicked up at all but he was just perf and about an inch taller than eleanor, but he was EXTREMELY DRUNK and it was the most hilarious thing i’ve ever seen okay. 

He kept giving eleanor love bites throughout the concert, i mean he must fucking love her neck cos he was always on it! And he started tugging at her pony tail cutely and he nearly fell backwards hehe. 

Ok and these are loads of things i overheard/saw louis and eleanor doing:

During Human (the song) i saw louis messing around cutely with her and then whispered to her ‘love you.’ and my heart literally melted it was the cutest thing ever. And i know you people are like ‘uh he doesnt say i love you. theres a difference’ Well there was no one else there who knew who he was, no cameras about to play up to, so he obviously naturally says love you without the i. and i absolutely adore larry ok but seeing him without any fans, just being himself made me realise that sadly, elelounor (or however you spell it lol) is true because they were so lovey dovey without the media and it literally melted my heart because you could tell he loved her to pieces (he was more interested then her omg she wanted to have a good time listening to music and all he wanted to do was kiss her omg) 

Then, louis bent down (idk what to do, i didnt wanna look cos i didnt wanna abuse mine and prestons relationship u feel meh) and when he got up stan said something to him, and louis was like ‘no, im saving that for later’ WTF LOUIS JUST SAID HE WAS BASICALLY GONNA LICK ELEANOR OUT LATER AND I WAS SCREAMING INSIDE OK I WAS LIKE OMG LOU. 

And it was so funny cos louis was so pissed i swear he tried to kiss stan’s neck then eleanor kinda pulled him back to kiss him and he like wiped his lips afterwards and i was like oo controversial.

Well eleanor and louis were being so cute thoughout the concert and he was like moving her arms up and down for her, and turning her round and kissing and biting her neck. When Mr Brightside came on (which is like my fav Killers song) Louis was like ‘YESSSSSSSSSSSS’ so its obviously his fav too and he was making rude lyrics up and he was singing. I heard louis fucking sing mr brightside ok omfg but he was drunk

Then preston said that they should go and Louis was like (to stan) ‘We will have to get a couple more drinks when we get back’ AND I WAS LIKE NO BITCH UR ALREADY DRUNK ENOUGH lol jk

and when they began to walk away i said ‘hi louis!’

and he looked at me and said

‘hi babe!’

but not in his normal kinda boring, sad voice

he sounded so happy and cheery

and i wasn’t fangirling when i saw him or when he spoke to me whatsoever, but when they were out of sight i literally screamed and nearly started to cry and proclaimed my love for my friend cos without her i wouldnt have seen him and spoke to him. i was SO proud of myself!

So what shocked me, was how eleanor and louis relationship is legit, and this is coming from a fucking hardcore larry shipper, because there were no paps or fans about (i literally was the only person who knew who he was, and i dont think preston thought i was such a big fan cos i didnt look at them much and just chilled) louis literally thought the world of her and it was the cutest thing in this world besides the fact that louis is probably having sex with eleanor right now omg but they’re perfect for each other. 

And about how happy louis was when he was just out in public, with no one recognising him, and he was happy and laughing and just the louis i fell in love with at x factor and it made me so so happy because i realised he hasn’t changed, i just don’t think he likes the fans much hehe.

so yeah i just fucking met louis tomlinson




im sobbing

i was literally screaming and this guy was like omg u ok and i was like yeah i just met louis from one direction and he thumbs up’d me and walked away 

and this is not a dream

it was the most perfect place to meet him, because he was relaxed with his friends with no fucking screaming fangirls around him, and for 30 minutes or so, i saw the real louis and that 30 minutes was the best time in my whole life and i have waited so long to speak to them, and i finally did in the most perfect place to do it ever. 

Louis, im so sorry for everything i called you, you always were my favourite and have a piece in my heart always and thank you for making this night the best of my life (besides someone stealing my phone) 

ilysm louis 

hi babe will forever be in my memory

ily <333

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1D Alert! Get the first look at 1D’s new VMA TV spot Monday night during The Inbetweeners series premiere at 10:30/9:30C on MTV!


1D Alert! Get the first look at 1D’s new VMA TV spot Monday night during The Inbetweeners series premiere at 10:30/9:30C on MTV!